Fun Pornography — Fiction for Adults. Not Too Long Ago Upgraded Sex Reports

Fun Pornography — Fiction for Adults. Not Too Long Ago Upgraded Sex Reports

Browse and participate in 17,085 entertaining sex tales with 702,153 sections. Adventure book preferences. 2 fingertips, 1 give and several delighted endings.

Lately Current Intercourse Reports

The Spiral of a Curse by sho1223

A man locates himself bound to the whims of fortune by an app. It’s going to eventually spiral out of control.

Fetish 43 Chapters Deep 6 mins ago

CFNMerella by LKFinStar

She’ll put the boys Bippity Boppity exposed!

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 4 Chapters Deep 11 minutes back

The King by mally01

Story of an Amazon King.

Fantasy 42 sections rich 16 moments before

Create-A-Wrestler Reboot by anty45

Sex fit connection

Fetish 144 sections Deep 16 mins before

Blossoming relation making use of family members maid by Johnthefuket

A wholesome union

Love 32 Chapters rich 17 moments in the past

The inventor by MM19019

Clever and inventive approaches to manage celebs

Notice Control 42 Chapters Deep 23 minutes in the past

The household farm by throwawaybookswine

Discover yourself come july 1st. Are you currently a voyeur, motherfucker or gay?

Incest 15 Chapters deeply 28 mins ago

Pokeslut by Mookus

Big boobed rookie pokemon instructor will get screwed (Public)

Fantasy 150 Chapters deeply 35 minutes before

My cherished Deku may have a harem by Darkstar239

Deku will get one hell of a gf (continuation from my personal Holding out for a hero facts)

Lover Fiction 196 sections Deep 35 mins ago

Late the Noble Companions by MissHolvard

One all the way down, three commit. Only weeks continue to be until the area’s most well-known vigilante party manages to lose every thing. Can they protect against it? Not likely.

Non-Consent 11 Chapters deeply 35 minutes in the past

Mod your life by Jlizardi

There is the capacity to alter individuals you need utilizing the breeze of your fingers

Fetish 48 sections Deep 35 mins ago

Your ex Heterosexual dating dating review next door by gator88

Getting Amelia’s Virginity

Non-Consent 18 Chapters Deep 35 mins back

Cock Potion #9 by mrnicedream19

An aphrodisiac powered fuck-fest

Incest 50 Chapters rich 37 moments back

Star Hypno Businesses by CelebMaster69

One-man, one businesses, lots of a-listers

Brain Control 35 sections deeper 46 moments before

The Chronicles of Panty Raider by grandeweasel

The impressive story of heroics and stripping female

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 22 Chapters rich 52 minutes ago

Clumsy Ninja Kanami by Gambio

Are a Ninja is actually enduring

Fantasy 12 Chapters profound one hour ago

The Freshman 15 by bobbobbobthethir

A young people gets to school later. Can he still screw the Freshman 15?

Erotic Couplings 143 Chapters deeper one hour ago

Image Inspiration Chapters by wicker

Chapters impressed by photographs

Various 649 sections Deep 60 minutes ago

The “Anything” Guarantee by Jabberwock80

The girl who’ll do just about anything

Fetish 43 sections deeply one hour ago

Hogwarts in the evening by Herrinmark26

Concealed enjoyable from the planets most well-known wizard college

Miscellaneous 74 Chapters deeply one hour ago

Pornchanger by Pingu

An unusual frequency departs men with an even stranger electricity

Miscellaneous 24 sections deeply 60 minutes ago

Genie of infinite desires by plane84

His wish(es) tend to be the woman commands

Brain regulation 23 sections Deep one hour ago

The Rulebook by ashes2ashes

You will find a Rulebook that lets you rewrite the guidelines any company must stick to

Notice controls 71 Chapters deeper 60 minutes ago

The ebook of Eros and also the Curse of the Gifted by Fantasy

Long-ago, all pleasure ended up being forgotten. Now it’s time to get it right back. An intimate harem tale.

Romance 86 sections profound one hour ago

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